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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 28, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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be just the beginning of the good times. that stadium in a couple of years could be full of 49ers fans. there could be a super bowl in the works and possible new stadiums coming to san jose for the as and definitely a new stadium for the san jose earthquakes who had a great season in the mls this year. this is a great era and everyone is enjoying it even nonsports fans caught up in the rush. >> thank you, len ramirez. it's that meta message. >> part of that message is dennis o'donnell in new orleans with thousands of journalists in new orleans. it's atough job but somebody's got to do it. >> reporter: come on, man. i was here at 2:00 in the morning last night. i couldn't get a taxi. and i had to walk all the way home. so it is a tough job every once in a while, allen. but i got to tell you, both teams are present and accounted for. the 49ers last night, the ravens came in today with the big business of football. last year 159 million viewers watched the super bowl and the
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media was a big reason why. at first glance you think you had walked into the superdome or one of those wild super bowl parties. but this, folks, is the media center, the hub of the nfl network featuring my old broadcast partner eric davis. >> it's not like i'm working in a coal mine. it's not like i'm having to work for a living. this right here is tons of fun and i just get to do more of it. who can complain about being here this week? >> the number of media here is record-breaking. >> they live and have lived for the past two years to make your experience incredible. so have an incredible experience. >> reporter: it is also headquarters for 5,000 credentialed media, broadcasting and writing nationally around the world. >> everything they can to promote player safety i think we're seeing more and more of that. >> reporter: everything is here to make the media's job easier. need some jambalaya? just ask. my news director is going to love this because i don't have
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to expense it. the nfl feeds the hand that feeds them. literally. you already had breakup. . it was in the hotel room. >> this is second brunch. >> this is my second breakfast. >> reporter: they didn't become a $9.5 billion company in 2012 on their own. you want proof in only 12 tv shows have reached 40 million average viewers. 11 of those 12 have been nfl post-season games. >> if you treat the media well they will say good things about you. >> reporter: the media center is the super bowl conduit to the rest of the world and we are all working very hard for you. also not a bad place for free stuff. now what these go for on ebay? >> reporter: later on in sports, how did president obama get embroiled in a super bowl controversy including jim harbaugh? that's coming up a little bit
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later on. allen, you need a pen? >> forget the pens. you're getting free jambalaya? >> you know the media. you know how the media operates. free food? we're all over it. >> thank you. dennis is going to bring us live reports from new orleans all week. vern glenn, michelle griego, also there. and in a few minutes, we are going to hear from mike sugerman, who is on the road to new orleans tonight. new at 6:00, we are in the middle of a particularly nasty flu season. this year, many bay area hospitals are strictly enforcing a new mandate that healthcare workers get flu shots or wear a mask at work. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo shows us how it's working. >> reporter: prior to this year if you worked in healthcare in contra costa county, getting the flu shot was voluntary but this year the county health department mandated employees either get the shot or -- >> or while they are working in patient care areas to wear a surgical mask. >> reporter: at sutter delta medical center in antioch, as of november 96% of the staff
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got the shot up from 67% two years ago. >> best thing to do for the patients. it's for patient safety. it's for my safety, my family. >> reporter: alameda and santa clara counties also adopted this mandate this year. contra costa county says it is gone from 64% when it was voluntary to 74% this year. >> there are a few people that vocalize that they weren't happy with the requirement. >> reporter: the california nurses association strongly encourages its members to get flu shots but does not like that it's mandatory. a spokesman said it would be better to isolate sick patients and give nurses better sick leave so they don't have to work when sick. at sutter those who have been vaccinated have a sticker on their badge. >> even manager knows who didn't get vaccinated and they ensure that they're wearing their masks. we haven't had any complaints with one or the other. >> reporter: there are flu stations where masks are ready
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available and the new policy is taken seriously. this person says she expects her coworkers who opted out to wear masks. >> i will ask them why don't they have a mask. and if not, they need to step out of the patient care area. >> reporter: the goal is to stop the flu from spreading in medical facilities. its going to be difficult to prove if the policy worked. people will still get sick and who knows how bad it might have been. in antioch, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. bay area headlines. a crash involving a gasoline tanker truck and several cars snarled traffic on the eastbound lanes of the bay bridge this afternoon. there was no gas that leaked. no injuries. but three lanes had to be closed while the accident was cleared. all lanes are now open. in san mateo county, three people died after a car crashed into a utility pole. the chp is trying to figure out why the 21-year-old driver lost control on highway 92 in foster city last night.
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the driver and two brothers died. those brothers are 12 and 16 years old. a third brother and another person in the car survived. in east oakland police say an eight-year-old girl is expected to survive after being shot. a bullet struck her leg at 2:30 this afternoon. it was near 65th and avenel. no word of arrests. in san francisco investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire in a high-rise in chinatown. the fire broke out in a bedroom on pacific avenue between stockton and powell. no serious injuries reported. if you have driven to the golden gate lately, you might be wondering what's going on with the doyle drive project? there is a new ramp that looks finished. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez asked if it is, why isn't it open yet? >> reporter: if you are trying to get from the sunset to the marina you still have to take the long way. but look right there to your right. there's the beautiful new ramp. why can't you just take it? >> yeah. we do get the question a lot.
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it's tantalizing. it's here. it does look complete. it is complete. >> reporter: after two years of construction including the demolition of doyle drive, the new ramp looks ready to go and right next to it is traffic moving north and south toward the golden gate bridge and way from it on a newly built bridge. well, then, why can't you use that ramp to get on it? because, it turns out, they are only halfway done tearing down and building the rest of the so- called presidio parkway project. right now, this is a temporary situation. you can see this new bridge, the old one right behind it with the original truck needs to be torn down. then they will build a twin bridge in its place alongside the other new one. at that point, traffic will no longer be crowded onto one bridge with movable median markers. >> currently while this bridge is carrying both directions of traffic there's not enough sight lines and merging distance. to put additional traffic on that southbound, there's just not enough room for cars to merge safely. >> reporter: it's not safe to
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ramp on right now with traffic going in both directions and it won't be ready until late 2015 when the entire project is complete. >> ultimately there will be another twin bridge built and three more tunnels and a whole new interchange. so there's a lot more that people will see in the coming months and the coming years. >> reporter: joe vazquez, cbs 5. doing donuts on the 880. the sideshow that shut down the bay area interstate. >> i'm mike sugerman taking the hard way to the big easy. the road to the super bowl. i'm in roswell, new mexico, talking to 9er fans. stick around, my story is coming up. >> we were the big sunny today. mainly sunny skies, chilly and breezy. find out when that will change on a clear evening and we'll also talk about how chilly it's going to get tonight. your forecast right through super bowl sunday next. >> go 9ers all the way through. another dynasty coming on. >> let's make it six super bowls this time. >> when kaepernick gets to that
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moss field he gonna throw some bombs and the ravens gonna fall from the crabtree and we gonna have raven soup. q
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that shut down a busy bay area freeway, did not amuse the chp. cbs-5 reporter john ramos has the video: it's called a sideshow but the stunt that shut down the busy bay area freeway didn't amuse the chp. john ramos has the video. >> reporter: saturday around 4 p.m. it came to a halt because of this. this video shows a complete northbound lane blocked while cars spin doughnuts in the middle of the freeway. the chp says five or six cars were involved coming dangerously close to each other
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and people on the shoulder. if it was somebody's idea of fun, the chp clearly isn't laughing. >> people know it's not okay. they have to take a stand. they have to do what's right. they have to speak out against it and people are friends of these people. it's like letting someone drive drunk. it's not going to happen. does it? it does. it's not okay. >> reporter: oakland is a city that prides itself on its progressive image and tolerance for dissent but some people think fostering that image has led to an acceptance of lawlessness. >> i don't really care if oakland is a world class city or not. that's irrelevant to me. i'm more concerned about oakland being a good place for me to live. >> reporter: even young people who say it was fun to watch admit it was a little over the top. you're from kansas. would you have seen something like this kansas? >> no, you would go to jail. >> reporter: the chp says they are looking for those involved but that won't be enough. >> everybody needs to get involved. it's not necessarily just highway patrol. you need to speak out. you need to tell these people it's not okay. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramos, cbs 5.
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the roads to the super bowl can be a long one for players and fans alike. even longer driving there. mike sugerman is taking the scenic route on the way to new orleans and he joins us now via broadband connection in roswell, new mexico. hi, mike. [ pause ] >> reporter: roswell, new mexico plugged into my car and i'm talking to you live on san francisco tv. it's unbelievable. people have no idea what i'm doing except that they see my 49ers gear and in the last hour three people have come up and given me hi-5's. a lot of 9er fans on the road. we have run into a bunch of them. this is the fourth day my wife and i have been on the road. i'm trying to talk her into the fact that this is a second honeymoon. she is not buying it. but we have had a lot of fun.
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we left our house on friday. the first stop was in san bernardino in a place you might not expect to be staying. really? >> honey, most of it's yours. >> she's right. [ car starts ] >> road trip! ♪ [ music ]♪ >> i have been driving all night man ♪ ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: long road to the big easy started hard. but things looked up when we got to our first stop. >> the wigwam motel. >> reporter: the wigwam motel about 460 miles from the bay area in san bernardino. >> this property is located on route 66. a gentleman by the name of frank redford loved the concept of teepees and built it for people to stay on their travels. >> reporter: built in 1949 one of a network on the route now one of only two. the family took it over 7 years ago. >> it's a piece of americana you don't see anymore. >> reporter: heidi and her husband stayed the night we were there, they're from antioch. >> as a little kid we used to drive by and saw the teepees and always wanted to go in and see them.
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and so i told my husband about them. so we just booked a room and came down and stayed last night. >> reporter: she had her reservations. >> i heard there was actually a hooker hotel. >> reporter: there was a dark time in the '80s but all that is changed. >> inside is the completely normal room like you stay at any motel, refrigerator, tv, bed. >> reporter: kumar is a big cigar smoker. when he found out i enjoyed one now and again he said he had the perfect smoke for me. >> going to the super bowl. >> reporter: yeah. >> the colors represent the team that's going to be winning the super bowl this year. >> reporter: red and gold. >> red and gold, my man. >> reporter: all right, baby. we had a great time at the wigwam. [ car starts ] >> road trip! >> reporter: next stop? we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. so roswell, new mexico today. tomorrow, hopefully, amarillo, texas, where i'm taking the 72- ounce big challenge. if i eat a 72-ounce steak i get
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it for free. otherwise, it costs $72. >> you have to pay up. >> mike sugerman in roswell, thank you. we'll certainly find out about that. those steaks are huge. >> but there's nothing to lose because he is going to expense it if he has to pay for it. >> that takes the edge off. 4.5 pounds of cow. that's a lot. that's a big steak. everything's bigger in texas! it feels like springtime in california. sunshine, breezy, chilly, but what a gorgeous evening. looks calm when you're looking from inside your house which i'm assuming you are right now watchin channel 5. santa rosa 63. oakland 60. but the majority of us stayed in the 50s. concord 59. redwood city 57. san francisco 56. half moon bay 55. cbs 5 hi-def doppler always scanning. see that little green thing at the top of your screen through sacramento? that's the radar beam. it always sends out a signal. the question is what is it
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receiving back? in this case it is receiving nothing back because there's no rain anywhere close to the bay area. high pressure is off to the west. we can tell this because the rule of nature is northern hemisphere where we live winds always flow clockwise around high pressure so watch the clouds going up toward canada and alaska and then coming back down. right now we are on the eastern fringe of the high that kept you cloudy with high, thin cirrus cloud cover at times today. tomorrow though the high pressure dome begins to move toward us so i expect full sunshine throughout the bay area tomorrow. but it will still be chilly. still on the eastern half of the high. and that means we are still getting our influence coming down from the north. so you have sunshine but highs generally in the mid- to upper 50s. by wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday, high pressure is closer to us. we don't get that northerly influence. the atmosphere warms up. and you're going to be in the 60s. 60s starting wednesday. so what to expect? nights will be chilly 30s away from the water like tonight toward concord and toward napa you will be about 34, 35 degrees but sunny and mild afternoons and dry all week. 50s tomorrow, upper 50s for
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oakland, concord, vallejo, napa. livermore 57. san francisco 56. extended forecast, look at all that sunshine! i know we need the rainfall. need some mountain snow. we are not getting it this week. 60s wednesday. mid-60s through saturday. right now it looks dry as we get ready for victory on super bowl sunday. >> sounds good. >> super forecast. >> thanks, paul. how deep is your love for the 49ers? sounds like a bee gees song. meet an extreme bay area fan's support for the team caused love to slip through his fingers. i'm dennis o'donnell at the super bowl in new orleans. one of the questions for jim harbaugh today, why hasn't his linebacker aldon smith gotten any action in the past five games? harbaugh said he is the mvp and the victory over the atlanta falcons because he had great pressure had a great game and he says it's low hanging fruit. you have to look a little
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deeper and that aldon is being double teamed. so look for big pressure from the 49er linebacker in super bowl xlvii.
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this afternoon... san francisco police authorities are cracking down on counterfeit 49ers gear. this afternoon, san francisco police busted vendors selling fake 49ers t-shirts at the intersection of geary boulevard and stanyan. counterfeit gear may be cheaper but police warn it's not legal. how can you recognize official nfl merchandise? experts say look for a hologram, tags, and you guess it, a much higher price. one bay area man knows all about authentic 49ers gear. he has been collecting it since the '50s and as cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo shows us, it is now out lasting both of his marriages. >> i live for this.
6:22 pm
this is what i do. >> reporter: martin jacobs of san francisco might be the 49ers' biggest fan ever. >> i would say totally maybe 2500 items. >> reporter: his first wife had her own opinions about his love affair with the team especially one quarterback. >> she said that i like montana more than her. it was probably true at the time. >> reporter: that ended that marriage. but he remarried and his love of the team still distracted him. >> that ended up in a divorce. but i have never divorced my 49ers. >> reporter: this is a helmet from 1955 and the first thing that martin started collecting was chin straps. >> and the way you got these is when the game ended you ran on the field. this is joe perry's. bob saint claire. that's the 1955 49ers and here you have the press guide. these are the cards that were printed that year of the teams. this is a steel stadium chair. >> reporter: he has so much stuff in archives sometimes the 9ers look to him for help. >> harbaugh i'll send him an email with a suggestion.
6:23 pm
>> reporter: he was caught once selling t-shirts without approval. >> they weren't licensed. i brought them to stanford and had employees and hustling the shirts and the place came. >> reporter: he begged them to let him go. they did. >> just let me see the game. take all the shirts you want. i did get to see the game. >> reporter: he is not going to new orleans because of his health and he is going to watch it in his living room, family can attend, but there's one condition. >> absolute silence don't bother me. i have a son who comes down and if he starts yelling and screaming i tell him to shut up, sit down, relax, because, you know, i'm focused. >> reporter: reporting from san francisco, patrick sedillo cbs 5. coming up in our next half hour, the push to make san francisco a true sports capital. an exclusive one-on-one interview. mayor ed lee tells us how the super bowl could be a game changer for the city. >> plus in the wake of the deadly fire in brazil, we ask, are bay area nightclubs doing anything to avoid a similar disaster? >> and why women with breast cancer might actually want to avoid a mastectomy.
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difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication astrazeneca may be able to help. is a city of sports championship titles. now city leaders are looking at ways to capitalize on all those trophies. i know at 6:30, san francisco ceremony a city of sports championship titles. city leaders now looking at
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ways to capitalize on all those trophies. they hope the 9ers appearance in the super bowl kicks off a winning formula for san francisco. phil matier interviewed mayor lee today one on one. phil, what did you find out? >> reporter: well, he has a lot of plans but first i had to ask him what was the latest with the bet between himself and the mayor of baltimore. here's what he said. >> we haven't gotten all the details but mayor of baltimore is a real bright lady. i really like her. stephanie rawlings blake. and we know we both have crab. she has the blue crab and i have the dungeness crab here so we already have part of the bet. the loser has to fly to the winning city put on the bib and go down to their favorite place and crack the crab in front of all the cameras. >> reporter: while the super bowl is getting all the attention, for mayor lee it's just the start. >> it is i think going to be a great kickoff but i still think there's more to come. >> reporter: it could be one of the biggest sport years in the city's history leading off with the baseball world classic at at&t park. >> that's just right on the
6:28 pm
heels of winning the world series. and then before your head can turn around we have 55 days of sailing on our bay with the louis vuitton cup happening the 4th of july. after that's done before you can take a breath in you have the charles schwab end of the finals for all the pga players at over 50. >> reporter: then next month you're going to have the term sheet for the warriors to read in front of the board of supervisors for approval. that's a megadeal. >> it sure is. it's one of the biggest deals that i think the city will ever make. we are so lucky, phil, to have a team that is willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, their own money. this is a big, big game changer. >> reporter: these events cost money, especially something like the super bowl. what's the payback on all this? >> it will cost money, and i'm not going to have a general fund be the primary pay for that.
6:29 pm
we will do something on behalf of the city that will help but most of the money will be raised in the private sector. >> reporter: after the super bowl and the baseball and the golf and the warriors coming and the super bowl bid, the mayor tells us he is also thinking about possibly putting in a bid for the olympics. so he is thinking big no matter what the outcome. >> when you're on a roll, you're on a roll, right, phil? >> reporter: there you go. >> thank you, phil matier. well, california's senators are getting in on the super bowl competition. barbara boxer and dianne feinstein made a bet today with maryland senators. if the 49ers win, maryland's senators send crab cakes, cookies, beer and can of hairspray, supposedly a big thing in baltimore. if baltimore wins we send dungeness crab, napa valley wine, sourdough bread and northern california cheeses. there's already some trash talking going on, as well.
6:30 pm
senators boxer and feinstein said, quote, we feel that it is only fitting that crab is on the menu since you are likely to be feeling very crabby after a tough loss by your ravens. sports director dennis o'donnell and vern glenn are in new orleans. they are hosting a live online special from 7:30 to 8:00 every night this week. you can chat with them on our website, the boy scouts of america may be close to lifting its long-standing ban on gay members. a spokesman says the organization is discussing it an could announce a decision as early as next week. the controversial policy recently made bay area headlines when, in october, ryan andresen was denied eagle scout rank and kicked out of his moraga troop because he's gay. >> this is important regular on? that there are gay, bisexual and transgender "questioning" boy scouts and they deserve the same opportunity to participate in the important leadership opportunities that the boy scouts have to off -- have to offer.
6:31 pm
>> lifting the national ban would not give gay scouts automatic acceptance. instead individual troops would be able to make their own policies. police are questioning four people in connection with a nightclub fire in brazil that killed more than 200 people. today caskets lined a gym that was turned into a morgue as family members arrived every arrived to collect the victims' bodies. witnesses say band members lit fireworks apparently igniting the fire. there were no fire alarms, sprinklers or fire escapes from the club. the club owners and two band members were held for questioning but no charges have been filed. that nightclub fire in brazil was one of the deadliest in recent years. coming after friday's comedy club fire in fairfield, it's prompting questions locally about safety. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington has a look at the safeguards that exist in san francisco. it's a terrible tragedy, and i always think this is something that could be prevented. >> reporter: just what could have prevented this horrific
6:32 pm
fire in brazil in a killed more than 200 people? reports have emerged that the nightclub was extremely overcrowded. there was just one exit. and when a band member set off a faulty pyrotechnic the crowd had only moments to escape. they all went not same door causing a bottleneck and stampede. back here in san francisco, firefighters say this sorbs as a reminder -- serves as a reminder as to why they are so strict on fire codes. the fire department does routine club inspections checking for marked exits, clear paths and have specific rules for pyrotechnics. >> they submit a package detailing exactly who is doing it to see if they are qualified, where they are doing it and what are they doing. >> reporter: there's also an on- site inspection and if approved there will be a fire official on site at all times during the event. anytime you go into a crowded place, you take a risk. firefighters say you need to protect yourself. >> the first thing that i would look for if i was going in would be, where would be a
6:33 pm
secondary entrance or exit? >> reporter: there should be two or more. in every club, bar and restaurant here in san francisco, there will be a sign on the wall that lets you know the capacity. firefighters say if it seems too crowded, the best thing you can do is leave. in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. when it comes to breast cancer treatment, less may be more. a new study finds lumpectomies with radiation may actually be a better option than mastectomies if the cancer is caught early. a growing number of early stage patients is choosing to have one or both breasts removed. but researchers found those women actually had a higher risk of death from conditions like heart disease. still, factors like tumor size and family history should be considered when choosing treatment. hearing about a disaster before it even happens. coming up the push for an early earthquake warning system in california and how it would work. >> plus the birth mother of colin kaepernick talks about the hardest decision of her life.
6:34 pm
>> and before we go to break we would like to show you more of your 49ers pride photos. olivia of milpitas sent us this picture of her family kaepernicking. >> a photo of twin grandchildren. >> and here's apollo the english bulldog dressed in his red jersey in redwood city. >> we would like to see your super bowl photos. e-mails us at or upload your photos to our website,
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californians a chance to respond to earthquakes before they happen. "nats" there is a push to get californians a chance to respond to earthquakes before they happen. [ beeping ] >> earthquake, earthquake, earthquake! >> that's what you would hear on your cell phone, computer or television. the early warning system do give californians as -- could give californians a minute advance notice. people would have time to find
6:37 pm
shelter, doctors could stop surgery, and trains could stop. state senator alex padilla is behind the effort. >> it's going to be a challenge. if it was his, it would be done already but that's where our job is to educate my colleagues and educate the public on the value and the benefit of the system. when you put the $80 million figure side by side with the billions upon billions of damage that we suffer after every big earthquake, i think the investment's a no-brainer. >> the city's proposal follows a recent study showing a quake involving both los angeles and san francisco areas might be possible. the birth mother of colin kaepernick is speaking out about the hardest decision she ever had to make. heidi russo lives in colorado. she says that she got pregnant at 18, realized she couldn't provide the life she wanted for her son, so she gave him up to ring and teresa kaepernick more than -- rick and teresa kaepernick more than 20 years ago. >> i took care of him for six
6:38 pm
weeks and was fortunate and blessed for rick and teresa. it was the right decision for him. it wasn't planned. certainly it wasn't -- i wasn't in a position to give colin the life that i wanted him to have. >> colin's adoptive parents had two children and lost two others to heart disease. when colin was 4, the kaepernicks moved to california and as we know colin became a 12-letter high school star athlete. your super bowl spread could include the arm of colin kaepernick. this is the tasty tribute to the 49ers quarterback at village bakery in modesto. they are edible. you can have the cake and chocolate white or marble. the price $170. >> i'm thinking no. >> dig in, huh? >> no. rebounding from disaster. new orleans hosts the super bowl in six days. see how the big easy is transformed since hurricane katrina. >> coming up in our weather more super dry weather nothing on the radar once again.
6:39 pm
cbs 5 high-def doppler radar tracking high pressure moving in. how long do we stay dry? i have the answer in your forecast coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell live at the super bowl. we'll go to ravens headquarters. we're in town. vern glenn will have a live report there. meanwhile, why does president obama get in trouble? a little controversy for our president coming up.
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check this out. this est there's a house in woodside that just became one of the highest priced home sales in the u.s. >> this sold for $117 million the most expensive private residence in california. the seller is a ceo of a private equity firm. it was built in 2005 with tennis court and pool. at 8900 square feet it's valued at a little more than $13,000 per square foot. >> don't know who bought it.
6:43 pm
>> not us. >> usually great comeback stories happen during the actual game. but cbs reporter teresa garcia shows us when new orleans hosts the super bowl this sunday, it will also cap a big comeback for the big easy. >> reporter: super bowl week in new orleans is starting on a high note. this is the tenth time the big easy is hosting the big game. but the first since hurricane katrina. the superdome has a $300 million face-lift. and when it comes to eating, the restaurant business is booming. there are dozens of new restaurants and old favorites in the french quarter are expecting record crowds. >> we are booked the whole week. >> reporter: katrina forced them to close for four months. when they reopened profits increased more because customers started spending more money. >> the mindset of people in new orleans after they experienced katrina, they said you know, life is too short. who knows what's going to happen next? let's make the best of it.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: business is so good here at galatioses that the restaurant is expanding. the new space will be ready friday in time for the super bowl. new orleans has come a long way since katrina. its economy is now one of the strongest in the nation. the 75-year-old mothers restaurant is also gearing up for big crowds. halftime singer beyonce already stopped by and the entire baltimore ravens team is coming to eat later this week. >> you have enough food to feed them? >> yes, ma'am, and thousands more. >> reporter: super bowl fans are expected to spend $200 million this week and many will gladly be buying a taste of new orleans. teresa garcia, cbs news, new orleans. >> yum. they call it the big easy but cbs 5's michelle griego asked, what's the correct way to say new orleans? >> how do you say the name? >> new orleans. >> new orleans.
6:45 pm
>> new orleans. >> not naw-lins. i don't know who got that started. phone says that. >> nouvelle orleans. >> how would a local fan say it? >> new orleans. >> we from new orleans, darling. >> new orleans. >> we from new orleans, [ yelling ] >> what else do you want know? >> new orleans. not new or-leans. >> how do you say the city's name properly? >> new orleans. you don't say new or-leans. you say new orleans. >> we'll have more from michelle tonight at 11:00. >> beignets. >> yes. >> all about food. >> that's right. >> bourbon street you know what they ar talking about. >> you go to the super bowl, all the world is paying attention, you want decent weather. here's the forecast for us and
6:46 pm
baltimore. we are beating baltimore by 8. 56 for us, 48 for baltimore the warmest day for two weeks in baltimore. new orleans slight chance of rain, thunderstorms coming up on wednesday. tomorrow's high in new orleans 73 degrees. for us, mainly clear skies outside. really nice night if you don't mind a chill. into the 40s quickly. 50 in livermore, santa rosa, 51 san jose and concord. this has been a very chilly january. you get anything above 2 degrees plus or minus for a mon that's significant. we are nearly 4 degrees cooler than average for both san jose and concord. and in san francisco and sfo we're two degrees below average. it's been chilly. many of you down near freezing 10 times in the month of january. we'll do that again tonight. we have a northerly flow of air and high pressure off to the west. and it's not just high pressure. high or low pressure -- obviously high pressure
6:47 pm
promotes sunshine. when it's off to the west we get a northerly influence and it's chilly at this time of the year. we'll still be chilly tomorrow. 56 in san francisco. milder wednesday because high pressure is closer to us now. we are not going to see that northerly influence. we'll be in the 60s on wednesday. if you like that i have thursday for you and friday and saturday. this dome of high pressure just like the last one is going to hang out likely for about one week keeping us mainly dry, chilly nights, it's still january, and the afternoons will be mild starting wednesday. so plan on a lot of sunshine, plan on needing a jacket for the kids at the bus stop in the morning. and plan on this tomorrow being the last time that we have widespread 50s for highs. fremont 56. mountain view 56. 56 for san rafael, fairfield. 57. santa rosa 60. wednesday, low 60s. thursday mid-60s. friday mid-60s for all those spirit days at the schools with all the kids wearing the 49ers
6:48 pm
gear. saturday mid-60s again. plan on having your friends go outside to enjoy the barbecue before you watch the game right here on cbs 5 coming up on sunday. it's going to be one of those days where you can take the whole party outside and at 3:30 come in and watch the game. hopefully capped off by a winning dinner. >> all it takes is one more point than the other side. >> thanks, paul. all day, baby. we're gonna win it. >> by 6, man. >> we came from oklahoma. go 49ers. >> let's go, 49ers.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
welcome back live to new orleans. hopefully i said it right. if not, twitter me at kpix sports. concussion discussions at the media gathering today. president obama told new republic, quote, i'm a big football fan. but i have to tell, if i had a son, i'd have to think long and hard before i'd let him play football, unquote. the president's comments come at a sensitive time for the nfl which claims it's doing everything it can to prevent
6:52 pm
head injuries. the 49ers have different reactions today. >> i love our president and i don't mean to disrespect him, but i would on the mind if my kids played football. it's a america's pastime. >> it's a physical game. it's a fun game. if he doesn't want his kid playing it, sorry, dude. >> i have a 4-month-old son, almost soon to be 5-month-old son, jack harbaugh, and president obama feels that way, then web to a little less competition tore jack -- then there will be a little less competition for jack harbaugh when he gets old enough. that's the first thing i think of. it's still early. jack is only five months old. but he's a really big kid. he has an enormous head. >> what's his 40 time? >> we don't have a 40 on him yet but his wingspan is a plus one. as soon as he grows into that head, he's going to be something. [ laughter ] >> but it's early.
6:53 pm
but expectations are high for young jack. i'm going to go out on a limb and say that jack harbaugh is going to be a football player. big linebackers in the news today at baltimore ravens headquarters and that's where we join vern glenn live. >> reporter: all right there, dennis. yeah, you know, the ravens hotel they were certainly raided and ready for the team. you see the super bowl xlvii mural right here outlined in baltimore ravens colors and they have all been through here head coach john harbaugh ed reed ray rice terrell suggs but then when this man showed up, ray lewis, everything stopped. after all these years at the nfl, the man has a presence. >> i promise you, that's the last thing on my mind. >> reporter: ravens linebacker ray lewis. one thing is for sure.
6:54 pm
his great 17-year career will end sunday. he reflected during the team's first media session moments after they landed in new orleans. >> there's no next week. and whoever wins this game will feel that confetti dropping. it's one of the most ultimate feelings i have ever felt in my life and i would love to really experience that with these guys. >> reporter: jim harbaugh was his first nfl sack. >> how could i forget it? it's one of those things that when you're playing the game when you first come in as a rookie, you're just running around making plays. when i sacked him i remember doing a dance with my shoulders. >> reporter: asked about lewis, a fellow miami hurricane, gore put it this way. >> ray a great player, you know, been doing it for a long time the best at the position, i love him, he like a brother, you know, and come from the
6:55 pm
same school. >> i got a torn sid hip. i can't get this paint off my face. [ laughter ] >> when i saw it, i laughed so hard i was in tears last night laughing about it. what i do is very serious. but, you know, for them to put it in a skit the way they did and for him to play it like he did is awesome. [ laughter ] >> right. boy, ray lewis is really something. hey, dennis, i think we're at least three or four deep around him and that was just the first press conference so imagine tomorrow media day just the crowd around him then. dennis, i'll see you on the webcast at 7:30. good things happening for bay area sports fans. andrew bogut returned to the warriors. his first time in uniform since november 7. the acquisition from the monta ellis trade made his presence felt. four blocks or the big man.
6:56 pm
two minutes left in the game. david lee bogut with the flush ballpoints eight boards for morgan warriors win 114-102. as vern mentioned, we are going to do an exclusive webcast coming up at 7:30 on if it bombs, blame vern. allen, juliette? >> all right. >> that's where he is going to give away the few pens that he stole. >> and jambalaya. thanks for watching. see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. -800-progressive.
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6:58 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody doing? thank you all very much. thank you for coming, everybody.
6:59 pm
hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and like always, we got a good one for you today. from everett, washington, it's the pawlak family. and from lexington, kentucky home of the wildcats, baby it's the johnson family. i like giving away money. let's play the game. give me pat give me becky. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays] guys, here we go. we've got the top 6 answers on the board. we asked 100 men, name a question you might ask a friend who just had a vasectomy. pat? >> "did it hurt?" steve: oh, right away, baby. "did it hurt?" >> yeah! what do we want to do? steve: pass or play? >> play! play! steve: they're gonna play, becky. >> we want to play. steve: let's go, pat.


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